Dental Exams and Cleanings – Dr. Culp recommends that children see the dentist every six months from the time their first tooth erupts until they “graduate” to a general dentist as an adult. This frequency allows us to develop a comfortable relationship with your child and effectively prevent decay and monitor the development of your child’s teeth.

Education – Dr. Culp believes that a well-informed family has a much better chance at reducing the risk of dental disease in children, and spends a lot of time educating kids and their parents on proper dental hygiene. Dr. Culp takes the time to review information on nutrition and habits that also affect the health of children’s teeth, and answer any questions about proper dental care.

Digital X-rays – Dr. Culp uses digital X-rays, which use a sensor instead of film and expose your child to less radiation than a conventional X-ray. The use of X-rays allows Dr. Culp to see areas of interproximal (between the teeth) decay, monitor dental development and tooth eruption, and assess for bone disease or other concerns that can’t be seen during an exam.

Fluoride Treatment – As a naturally occurring element in our environment, fluoride is helpful in producing a strong form of enamel that is more resistant to acid than the calcium-based enamel. Too much of any good thing is no longer a good thing. Fluoride is no exception. Please ask us regarding the specific fluoride recommendations for your child.

Dental Sealants - Sealants have been in use since the early ’80s. Sealants are a means of altering the natural anatomy of a tooth to prevent food impaction. Typically, the chewing surface anatomy of a permanent tooth has lots of grooves. When a sealant is applied properly and kept in place, these grooves will no longer be able to trap food. Sealants are made typically of two materials: Resin-based sealant and a cement-style. Both sealant materials do not contain The Bis-Phenol A compound. Ask any member of our staff for more details.

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