Preventive Services

Dr. Culp practices dentistry in a conservative way, focusing on education and prevention rather than treatment. At Jungle Roots we strive to give your child a “dental home,” Dr. Culp and our team have been trained in compassionate and calming techniques that will lessen anxiety around going to the dentist, allowing your child to have a positive experience at the office.
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Restorative Services

Despite our best efforts to keep children’s teeth healthy, there are times when restoration of teeth is necessary (in both primary and permanent teeth). Children’s teeth can become damaged for many reasons such as accidents while playing, chewing on hard food items, or small cavities. While most reasons for a damaged tooth can be avoided, everyone knows that accidents happen! Our staff is well trained to restore your child’s teeth to keep them strong for years.
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Safe and Effective Sedation Services

At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry, we recognize your 
child’s need to be comfortable. Through Dr. Culp’s Pediatric training, we can offer safe and effective techniques that are specifically designed to alleviate fear and discomfort during procedures. Our goal is to make your child’s dental treatment 
a positive experience to encourage trust and cooperation.
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Other Services

There are several other services that we would like to highlight that complement our preventive and restorative care. Click here to learn more about our emergency care, special needs, mouth guards, and community outreach services.
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