Orthodontic Treatments are for Adults, Too!

Orthodontics for Adults at Jungle Roots

Did you know our orthodontic staff at Jungle Roots can treat both you and your children? We provide orthodontic treatments for people of any age.

Why Would Adults Need Braces?

Obviously, the most significant advantage of braces is a healthy, straighter, more functional, and beautiful smile.

But what are some of the specific reasons adults need dental appliances?

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Malocclusions (the way your teeth fit together when you bite)
  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Dental shifting
  • Facial injury

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (ADA), one in every three adults (33%) over 18 has—or will have— orthodontic treatment. It’s never too late to have your teeth properly aligned. It will contribute to good health and a terrific smile! Feeling healthy and having a gorgeous smile makes you feel more confident. Whether the orthodontic treatment you seek is cosmetic or to address a dental concern, correcting the issue ensures an aesthetic and functional improvement in your mouth and jaw.

The Orthodontic ProcessJungle Roots Orthodontics for Adults

When you decide to meet with our orthodontic team, we begin with a complimentary orthodontic consultation. We will sit down with you and conduct an assessment and take appropriate tests to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the health of your bite. We’ll take a health history, do a clinical exam with X-rays of your mouth and head, and may take photos of your face and teeth. With these results, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan. We may also need to collaborate with your dentist to help you reach optimal dental health.

Orthodontic treatment is often as successful for adults as it is for children and teens. The differences in treatment for adults are mainly due to the bones of the face. Children and teens have jaws and facial bones that are still growing, and braces can help guide the growth as it happens. Adult facial bones are fully formed, and the procedures needed to correct the issues may be different. Adults often take better care of their mouths and comply with recommendations, which helps minimize the length of treatment.

We move your teeth by placing controlled but gentle forces with braces or other appliances to manipulate them where they need to be. These forces cause the teeth to move to the corrected position.

Here are a few appliances and tools we use to move your teeth:

  • Braces – These are made up of wires and brackets and are the most commonly used devices to move teeth into place. The orthodontist affixes brackets to your teeth with glue and places wire between the brackets. Then, the orthodontist tightens or loosens the wires to control where the teeth go.
  • Elastic bands – Also called rubber bands, these attach to brackets on the braces. They may be used to apply additional force to specific areas (such as a tooth that is leaning backward) and help treat overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite.
  • Aligners – You wear these clear, plastic-like, invisible braces for one to three weeks. After the designated time, you will begin wearing the next set of aligners designed to move your teeth more. This process will continue until your teeth have reached the desired position. You can remove aligners for up to two hours each day to eat and brush your teeth.

The orthodontist will consider factors such as how far the teeth need to move and how complex the issue is. Based on your assessment and what they feel will best fit your needs, the orthodontist will discuss your options to achieve your most beautiful smile! The time that you wear your braces will be unique to your requirements. Our team will also walk you through financial planning throughout treatment, explaining customized payment options, working with your insurance company, and helping you maximize HSA and FSA benefits.

Our Complete Support

Your entire orthodontic process is completed at the Jungle Roots office. You can even schedule your consultation while your child has an appointment with the dentist or orthodontist! We want this experience to go well for you and will transition you through the process quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. We are happy to discuss your concerns and answer any of your questions. At Jungle Roots, we are privileged to provide orthodontic services for your entire family!


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