The Best Kid and Animal Related Memes and GIFs on the Internet

There’s no shortage of different kinds of funny things on the internet. Videos, written stories, comics, you name it. But some of the most popular formats of these funny things come in the form of gifs and memes. Read on to see some that will (hopefully!) make you laugh.

What’s a Meme? 

A meme is an idea or behavior expressed through a picture or short video that’s shared via social media platforms. A GIF (pronounced “jiff”) is a type of meme and is simply an animated or static picture message that is sometimes accentuated by a short phrase or word. Think of it as a modern version of the old school flip book.

Memes and GIFs have become so popular because they are very effective at communicating a message quickly. As the saying goes, a picture can say more than a thousand words, and Memes have brought that saying to life in the age of the internet!

There are literally millions of GIFs and memes out on the internet, and we’ve compiled some of the best out there. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a link that will help you create your own GIF!

Kid-Related GIFs

One of the original GIFs to go viral was the dancing baby. First published in 1996, this crazy creepy dancer took the internet and the world by storm, appearing not only online, but in commercials and TV shows. 

Since then there have been several variations of the dancing baby, like the E-trade baby and Evian’s Spiderman Baby.  It’s safe to say that this original dancing baby GIF is the daddy of all baby-related GIF’s since.

You can see the whole progression and history of the dancing baby here


Success Kid, also known as Fist-Pump Baby, has helped on many occasions to make the point when a challenge or obstacle was presented and was successfully overcome. 

This little dude has emphasized points that were serious and consequential as well as humorous and light.


The mischievous smirk on the little girl implies that she might have something to do with the burning house behind her. Definitely appropriate to use this GIF if you’re behind some mischief but don’t want to come out explicitly and admit that you did it. Could she have done it? Did you do it? No one will ever know…


The wise, warrior baby with a killer goatee and straw hat to match!

You see, it’s all about teamwork and working together, especially on a seesaw. Wait, Bobby! Nooo!

I suppose that’s one way to show support for your team…

Sometimes, you just gotta let go and live life to the fullest. Wow, what a ride!



The most excited and flabbergasted baby you’ve ever seen. How on earth do those duckies do that?!


Animal-Themed GIFs

It’s hard to beat a good animal GIF. Here are some great ones we’ve found around the internet.

The Chipmunk that conquered the world, this little guy’s awesome turnaround and eye stare – especially when paired with dramatic music – has made millions of people laugh around the world. 

The dog is calmly sitting at a table with a coffee mug in a burning room, and proclaims everything to be fine. This GIF is perfect for when you come across a totally crazy scenario and the person or people involved don’t seem to really understand the gravity of the situation – or are in complete denial about it.

There are cool cats, and then there are cool cats. Check this tabby out just chilling on the Sally Show back in the 90s. Wonder what he was thinking about? Probably fish. Definitely fish.

Make Your Own GIF!

Now that you’ve seen the hilariously powerful effect GIFs can have, especially in social media, now you can take a crack at making your own! Check out the link below, upload your own picture or short video, and voila! Your very own GIF.


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