At Jungle Roots, we believe that every person can benefit from orthodontic treatment. We specialize in orthodontic treatment for children, teens, and adults. What sets Jungle Roots apart is our conservative approach to orthodontic care. Jungle Roots’ personalized orthodontic treatment plans are designed with the best interests of every individual patient. 
We know that aligned teeth and jaws can improve a person’s quality of life in areas such as; self-esteem and
development, healthy teeth and supporting gums and bone, as well as chewing food and aiding in proper digestion, jaw related issues, and headaches. Depending on the complexity of your case, orthodontic treatment can vary in length from 
3 months to 3 years. During your complimentary orthodontic consultation, our team will take necessary diagnostic 
records to conduct a comprehensive smile analysis. Afterward, we'll review your current condition and together we will 
be able to create a custom treatment plan that fits your financial needs, treatment goals, desires, and lifestyle.
Early Treatment
At Jungle Roots we have a conservative approach to orthodontic treatment, but there are occasions that early intervention is needed to guide the growth and development of a child’s jaws and tooth alignment. This guidance will prevent larger orthodontic problems from developing. When early treatment is necessary, we use appliances such as expanders, headgear, and limited braces to minimize and improve unfavorable tooth and jaw growth patterns. Jungle Roots can also help your child stop a harmful habit such as a thumb habit or tongue thrust, both of which can change the shape of the developing teeth and jaws.
Metal Braces
Traditional “metal” braces have been used for over a century to straighten teeth, correct bites and improve the function of your teeth. Jungle Roots uses a self-ligating bracket system. There are many advantages of self-ligating braces including fewer appointments are needed to place the braces, fewer trips to the orthodontist for adjustments, increased comfort because the brackets are low profile, and best of all, shorter treatment times because of efficient tooth movement.
Clear Braces
Jungle Roots provides clear braces as an alternative to traditional metal braces that provides maximum discretion with all of the same treatment benefits. Our clear, or tooth-colored braces, like our metal braces, are also self-ligating. This means you have all of the same advantages, such as, fewer appointments and shorter treatment times because of efficient tooth movement, but tooth-colored brackets are designed to match the color and shade of your teeth as well as be undetectable from a distance or in photographs.
Invisible Braces
Jungle Roots is excited to provide the latest clear aligner “invisible” braces option to our patients. Clear aligners are a great alternative to brackets and wires, while still achieving the same great treatment results. And, clear aligner treatment is more affordable than ever. It’s important to remember that all orthodontic treatment should be under the direct supervision of an orthodontist which makes Jungle Roots’ clear aligner treatment a much better alternative to orthodontic care that may not have a board-certified orthodontist ensuring the best treatment result. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss all of your treatment options and decide the most suitable treatment that fits your lifestyle, budget and treatment needs.

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