Nitrous Oxide - Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is the most simple sedation technique that can be used to help ease your child’s anxiety during dental procedures. Safe sedation can be achieved quickly and easily by simply breathing through a scented nasal hood that only covers the child’s nose. Once the treatment is done, the reversal of laughing gas is accomplished by breathing 100% oxygen for approximately 8-10 minutes. After a full reversal, there are no lasting effects of laughing gas. This technique is used often due to effectiveness and recovery benefits.

Conscious Sedation - Every child is different, and some younger children that haven’t developed all of their coping skills yet may require the next level of sedation. Conscious Sedation, as the name implies, does not put your child to “sleep.” Instead, it allows children the ability to use their existing coping skills to remain calm and comfortable. It also allows for the child patient to remain in the chair, comfortably, for a longer period of time. This enables Dr. Culp to accomplish your child’s treatment as quickly as possible. We can usually treat all areas of decay in two visits when using Conscious Sedation. Parents often remark how pleased they are when they see how effective this technique is.

Unconscious Sedation - In very young children or older children that have had a scary experience in the past, it is sometimes necessary for kids to sleep while their teeth are repaired. This is to protect their psyche and eliminate dental disease as quickly and effectively as possible. All treatment is completed in one visit! Often X-rays are not possible in this young age group, so all necessary dental X-rays can be acquired while your child rests comfortably and are used to have a complete view of your child’s dental needs.

We are very fortunate to have nationally and internationally recognized unconscious sedation specialist, Dr. Jason Brady, perform this very important role in our office. His bedside manner and intimate knowledge of this technique make Dr. Brady, the best choice in caring for your child. You can feel comfortable knowing that your children will benefit from our effective and safe sedation techniques if they are needed.

We are available and ready to answer any questions you have regarding sedation techniques used at Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry.

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