Emergency Care – While there are many reasons why you may contact us about your child’s emergent care, rest assured that there are only a few circumstances for which your child will need to be seen immediately. You need to call us as soon as possible if your child has had a permanent (adult) tooth knocked out, has a chipped or broken tooth, or has had other significant trauma to the mouth. If your child has a toothache or other issue of concern, please call us to identify the action that needs to be taken. Please call our office after hours for assistance in emergent situations.

Special Needs – Dr. Culp and the team at Jungle Roots believe that every child is special, and every child has different needs. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Culp has over twenty years of experience in handling a wide variety children’s needs, not limited to but including physical handicaps, autism spectrum disorders, sensory and speech related delays and disorders, and other impairments. Please make our office aware of any health conditions your child has so we can prepare our team accordingly to give your child the best possible dental experience in our office.

Mouthguard's – Children need mouthguard's to protect their teeth and gums in many different sports, and the team at Jungle Roots is able to make custom mouthguard's with a simple appointment. Please call our office to schedule your mouthguard fitting.

Community Outreach – For over 20 years, Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics has been committed to the children and families of our community. We enjoy supporting sports teams and other interests, as well as providing toothbrushes and toothpaste for special events. Our Marketing Coordinator is also available to give school or group presentations for children. Please call our office to see if we can accommodate your request!

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