Fun Spring Craft Ideas for Kids!

Young child in a field of dandelions in the spring

March 19th is the first day of Spring! What could be more fun than celebrating spring by crafting with the kiddos, bringing some of their bright and happy creativity to life?!


Flowers are one of the first things you think of when you think SPRING! Whether it’s our few blooms appearing or the colorful spring blossoms most florists have for Easter and Mother’s Day, flowers are a beautiful example of spring. Check out these flowers that all ages can make and enjoy!

Here is a simple but cheery art piece that you can do with your infant or toddler to share with your loved ones. The flowers and vase are foot and hand prints dipped in paint, stamped on white paper, then cut out and glued to a sheet of construction paper. Use green paper to make the leaves, or maybe even their fingerprints!

This example shows painted footprints easily placed on a painted stem. You can view these ideas and dream up your own “spin!”

Painted Footprints









Sweet Little Lambs, Baby Chicks, and Bunnies…Lots of Bunnies!

This season is all about new birth! We see many lambs, chicks, and bunnies this time of year, whether in the stores or on the farms. Let’s look at some adorable little animals you and your kids can craft.

This little lamb is the sweetest! Some cotton swabs, glue, paper, clothespins, and a pen are all you need to bring these babies to life and you can even make a whole herd to play with. This may be more appropriate for older kiddos, as it may take more patience and skill - or use cotton balls instead of cotton swabs for younger children.

Little Lamb, crafts for children








Or what about this cute baby sheep made from bubble wrap, white paint, black paper, and googly eyes? Glue this to a colorful sheet of bright paper or put a magnet on the back for a fridge decoration!

Bubble wrap baby sheep









This paper plate chick is a quick and easy craft that your preschooler would love to post on your door or window. A yellow paper plate, fuzzy feathers, orange paper, and eyes (googly or drawn on) make this one jump off the page. Cute and fast!

Baby chick made with a paper plate









Crafting this happy little chick uses the same type of instructions as the flowers above! Your kiddo will love the vibrant colors and exciting, happy hand prints.

Happy Little Chicks









Bunnies, lots of bunnies! These EGG-cellently created little hoppers can sit anywhere. Some colorful pipe cleaners, a pom-pom, and an inexpensive plastic egg can be made into these darling rabbits! They can even be filled with treats, coins, or paper sayings like a fortune cookie.

Rabbits made from toilet paper tubes

Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes can make cute little decorations as well! They can hold name cards or napkins at Easter dinner, be a stand-up place for Easter eggs, or maybe be used as a finger puppet for a cute spring skit. Decorate them with paint, pom-poms, felt, or tissue paper to make bunnies galore! Let your child use their imagination to dream up their own little nest of bunnies.






Rabbits from toilet paper rollsWouldn’t these sweet rabbits make great gifts for mom or grandma? Picture them sticking out of a potted plant or flower your children give their loved ones for spring! These are made with a wooden spoon, and anything you and your little ones would like to use to craft their fabulous faces. Felt, fabric, paint, or markers can make terrific, even fashionable, decorations for anywhere. Stir up some oohs and ahhs with these cuties!

Rabbits made from wooden spoons

Spring is Buzzing!

Hear that buzzing, fluttering, or humming noise? You will!  Gather up the kiddos and create your own swarm, covey, or army of insects and birds. Brighten and decorate your home and garden for springtime with some or all of these creations!

You can keep these beautiful ladies all summer long with some smooth stones and outdoor paint for a colorful accent to your potted plants or flower gardens! These bugs will keep an eye out for sneaky critters wanting to invade your growing spot!

Lady bugs made from stones









How about gorgeous butterflies? Here are a few different designs to make your heart all aflutter!

Butterfly wall hanging

This first craft uses coffee filters painted with watered-down acrylic paints, colorful beads, and a simple one-piece clothespin. A butterfly wall hanging can be made just by attaching these supplies to a stick or dowel rod. Hang them from the porch, on a window, or from the ceiling in a bedroom to inspire!

Butterfly built around a popsicle stick

A plain white piece of cardstock, a popsicle stick, and a colorful pipe cleaner combine to make this fluttering butterfly. Use watercolor paint to decorate the cut out shape, add the popsicle stick body, and attach the pipe cleaners for the antennae. Embellish this beauty with sequins or glitter for a sparkling effect.


Too sweet to swat away! This egg carton bee craft is simple and adorable. Paint the carton sections yellow, wrap the indented parts with black yarn, and add googly eyes, crimped paper antennae and white cardstock wings. Add a skewer or a popsicle stick to this little buzzer to decorate any plant!

Bumble bee built from egg carton








Chirping birds built around pencilsChirping birds are a sound many associate with the beginning of spring! Check out these little birdies that your child can construct and enjoy all season! A brightly colored pencil is the foundation of this quirky craft. Add a contrasting pipe cleaner, some googly eyes, feathers, and a felt or foam yellow nose, and you have a fun and useful tool to make the spring seem like it will go on forever!

Spring - The Season for Rejuvenation!

Just the mention of springtime can help clear the mind of cold weather and cloudy skies. Everything and everyone begins anew!

Enjoy crafting with your children! We hope these activities will spark their interest and make the upcoming months exciting and fun. Our team at Jungle Roots Dentistry looks forward to seeing your smiling faces!


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