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16 Free Animal & Nature Themed Craft Ideas for Kids

There are thousands of wonderful crafts available online. With a bit of searching, you can find activities to interest any child. However, it can take some time and effort to weed out the websites that just send you from link to link, ask you to download something, or sign up for a mailing list to access the information.

We have done some of the work for you and are providing this list of links to fun craft ideas. Simply click on the links or the photos to go directly to the websites for step by step instructions. As always, we gain nothing if you click on the links. We just want to help you and your children enjoy this time together.

With a bit of creativity, any of these crafts can be adapted to use supplies that you already have. If you ask your children to help you think of alternative options, their ingenuity may surprise you!

Handprint Flamingos

Who doesn’t love flamingos? There is something intriguing about a bright pink bird. TheBestIdeasForKids.com provides step by step instructions with photos for each step. If you enjoy this craft, they also have links to create other animals and even trees.

Paper Chain Snake

This cute paper chain snake is simple enough for younger kids to help with. Children can make them any color or length, and it can become a fun toy.

Salt Painting

This lovely idea works for all ages, since the paintings can be as simple or intricate as your child wants to make them. All you need is some paper, glue, salt, paintbrushes, and watercolors.

Animal Habitat Diorama

First Palette includes detailed step by step instructions to make an entire diorama. The animal printables are free, and you can print the outline to color, or print pre-colored animals. The Rainforest Habitat, African Savanna, or Polar Habitat are great options for older kids.

Rainforest Habitat

African Savanna

Polar Habitat

Folding Paper Animals

First Palette also provides 6 free printable animals with detailed instructions to make folding paper zoo animals. Younger kids may enjoy coloring and playing with the animals, but an older child or adult will need to help with the folding.

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

There are hundreds of variations of animals that you can make with toilet paper rolls and craft supplies.

With Easter right around the corner, you may have a bit of fun starting with these adorable Easter bunnies.

Drawing Animals

Wow Amazing provides images with multiple steps for many different types of animals. They are easy to follow along, so budding artists can easily create recognizable creatures.

Rainbow Handprint Butterfly Tree

This particular craft does call for a butterfly punch. If you are up for a bit of work cutting out the butterflies, The Best Ideas For Kids provides free templates that you can print directly from your browser. Once you have your butterflies, One Little Project provides great step by step instructions and tips. You could add extra dimension to the sky by coloring or painting in a sun and using cotton balls to paint on some clouds.

Bow Tie Noodle Butterflies

Did you know that bow tie noodles are perfect for making butterflies? Your child can paint them and include them in a picture or craft. Alternatively, you can use these butterflies to make the rainbow butterfly tree above.

Cupcake Liner Lion

If you happen to have extra cupcake liners lying around, your child could make some cute little lion heads. With a bit of imagination many types of animals could be created this way; pandas, koalas, elephants, cats, dogs, sheep, bunnies, and even imaginary monsters!

Animal Envelopes

These animal envelopes will make a fun addition to the next gift you give, or an interesting way to present encouraging notes. The envelope template and some of the animals are free. Once you try a few, get creative and use different colors to see how many different creatures you can make.

Pipe Cleaner Monkey Finger Puppet

This is a great little craft that can become a fun toy. If you want to make many different types of animal pipe cleaner finger puppets, here is a free simple animal face printable.

Animal Paper Clocks

These paper clocks are fun for younger children to make, then can be used to learn to tell time. First Palette provides instructions for an owl, cat or bear, but they could easily be modified to create any type of animal that your child wants.

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Although they are not considered jungle animals, dinosaurs are always fun to make and play with. If you are just a little crafty, you can figure out how to make them based on the photos provided. Boys and girls can decorate these paper plate dinosaurs to suit their taste. If you absolutely refuse to allow glitter in your house, markers or paint are also great options!

Trees Crafts

What is a Jungle without trees? Here are links to some craft trees, so your child can create their own jungle world.

Handprint Tree – There is something about creating anything from handprints that many younger children love. An entire forest could be made out of handprint trees. You could also cut out leaves and glue them onto the hands for more detail.

3-D Paper Trees

These wonderfully detailed instructions also provide ideas to make each tree unique. There are also ideas to include various types of leaves, a bird nest, fruit, seeds, and many other things. If you are creating a jungle, it would be easy to add vines, snakes, and other jungle animals. These trees are a bit more advanced and are probably good for older kids and even teens. Younger kids would have fun assisting and offering ideas but would definitely need help.

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