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A True-Blue DC Aficionado? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

As successful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is (it's the highest-grossing film franchise of all time), films based on DC concepts are still immensely popular. DC movies have been there for a lot longer than you might think, which only adds to their enduring popularity. From the awesome scenes of Wonder Woman up to the astounding production of The Suicide Squad, DC films never fail to impress!

If you have been an avid DC fan for quite a long time, there's a wonderful method to show that you've genuinely paid attention to all of the nuances in the DC films you've seen. By taking this simple and brief quiz, we'll be able to ascertain if you're a true-blue DC fan or a beginner who's still getting to know the cracks and crevices of the DC universe. After that, you can learn about some fascinating DC comic/movie trivia. Are you willing to accept the challenge? Let's get ready to have fun!

Quiz for Real DC Geeks

1. What do you call the golden lie detector that compelled Steve Trevor to divulge his mission?

a.     Mjolnir
b.     Figure Veritas
c.     Lasso of Truth
d.    Serratura

2. Diana is a member of which legendary warrior race?

a.      Achaeans
b.      Amazons
c.      Spartans
d.     Atlanteans

3. What does Superman's "S" stand for, exactly?

a.      Hope
b.      Faith
c.      Love
d.     Serenity

4. What is the Kryptonian name of Superman?

a.      Kar-El
b.      Kai-El
c.      Kal-El
d.     Kab-El

5. What did Batman take from Lex Luthor?

a.      Kryptonite
b.      Superman’s cape
c.      Golden scepter
d.     The cure

6. Clark Kent works as a ________ in ________.

a.      Clerk, Wells Fargo
b.      Chef, Taco Bell
c.      Journalist, Daily Planet
d.     Chemistry professor, Stanford University

7. What is the "safety precaution" for dealing with Harley Quinn in the beginning?

a.      Chromium-laced bullets
b.      Taser gun
c.      Vervain
d.     Electrified prison bars

8. Deadshot’s weakness is ___________.

a.      His daughter
b.      His older brother
c.      A group of homeless people in Courthouse Alley
d.     His client named Angelo

9. Who was the first superhero to refuse to join the Justice League?

a.      Hawkman
b.      Plastic Man
c.      Metamorpho
d.     Black Canary

10. Why did Black Canary decide to relocate from Earth-2 to Earth-1?

a.      Earth-2 reminds her so much of her husband’s demise.
b.      She wants to magnify her powers in Earth-1.
c.      She’s searching for her lost kid.
d.     Earth-2 has turned out so toxic and chaotic.

11. Aquaman does NOT have the ability to __________.

a.      Be invisible
b.      Talk to fish
c.      Breathe underwater for an hour straight
d.     Take on superhuman strength.

12. Aquaman’s love interest is ______.

a.      Mira
b.      Mera
c.      Meera
d.     Merah

13. Shazam’s alter ego is _______.

a.      Pedro Pena
b.      Freddy Freeman
c.      Eugene Choi
d.     Billy Batson

14. SHAZAM stands for the following:

a.      Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury
b.      Saturn, Huron, Atlas, Zeus, Aphrodite, Mercury
c.      Sirens, Hercules, Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Medusa
d.     Scylla, Hermes, Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Mars

15. How many worlds has Darkseid obliterated?

a.      1,000
b.      11,000
c.      10,000
d.     1,700

The answer key is at the bottom of this post. Have you gotten all of the right answers? If you answered yes, then congrats! You've earned the title of a true-blooded DC fan!

12 Trivia Facts Every DC Fan Should Know

  1. Because of The Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie had to learn to hold her breath for five minutes.
  2. In Birds of Prey, Bruce the hyena is simply a large dog who has been edited in post-production.
  3. Despite his moniker, "The Man of Steel," Superman was killed by the villain "Doomsday" in a 1993 comic. Later, the sun's solar energy was used to bring him back to life.
  4. The Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney stripped down to his undies and chased David Ayer on set.
  5. It’s not only Diana Prince but all of Themyscira's ladies who possess skills that set them apart from the rest of humanity. They have tremendous strength, stamina, and agility in addition to their immortality.
  6. In an upcoming comic, Wonder Woman will wield Thor's hammer Mjolnir as she embraces her warrior impulses in the Sphere of the Gods.
  7. Before Zack Snyder was appointed to direct Man of Steel, the role had been offered to Ben Affleck. He declined the offer, however, because he had never directed a film with several visual effects shots.
  8. The shirtless scenes in Man of Steel were the most difficult part of the shoot, admitted Henry Cavill.
  9. In 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' Superman was only given 43 lines.
  10. The Flash is way faster than Superman! The reason for this is that, while being augmented and powered by the yellow Sun, Superman is still subject to the rules of physics, which include friction. The Flash, on the other hand, is propelled by a near-magical "speed force" that enables him to go at speeds that others could only imagine.
  11. Aquaman was raised by dolphins until he met Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper who trained him how to behave more like a human.
  12. Jared Leto's laugh as Joker had been developed in a strange way, as he practiced it while walking around the streets of New York and Toronto and tested if it would get under people’s skin.

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Answer Key

#1 - c. Lasso of Truth
#2 - b. Amazons
#3 - a. Hope
#4 - c. Kal-El
#5 - a. Kryptonite
#6 - c. Journalist, Daily Planet
#7 - d. Electrified prison bars
#8 - a. His daughter
#9 - c. Metamorpho
#10 - a. Earth-2 reminds her so much of her husband’s demise.
#11 - a. Be invisible
#12 - b. Mera
#13 - d. Billy Batson
#14 - a. Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury
#15 - c. 10,000

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