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Are You a True-Blooded Marvelite or Not? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Have you watched all 24 MCU movies starting from Captain America: The First Avenger up to Spider-Man: Far from Home? If the answer is yes, then it’s either you’re a huge Marvel fan or you’re planning to create an imaginative spin-off in your own superhero world. Sounds epic, right?

Whatever it is, there’s a great way to prove whether or not you’ve truly paid close attention to all the details of the Marvel movies you’ve watched. In this short quiz below, we’ll be able to determine whether you’re a true-blooded Marvelite or a newbie enthusiast who’s still becoming familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the Marvel universe. Then, you can read about some interesting Marvel trivia. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Quiz for True-Blue Marvelites

1. _________ is the inventor of the Super Soldier Serum that transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America.

a.     Dr. Stephen Strange
b.     Dr. Jane Foster
c.     Dr. Abraham Erskine
d.    Dr. Arnim Zola

2. Captain America got his powers from _________.

a.      A pharmaceutical laboratory explosion
b.      A U.S. military experiment
c.      A hydra experiment
d.     Chemical exposure

3. These beads are worn by Wakandans and have the power to heal people.

a.      Blue Moon of Josephine beads
b.      Kimoyo beads
c.      Kyanite beads
d.     KwaHlathi beads

4. What makes vibranium — the source of Wakanda's technology — so special?

a.      It produces special metallic features that help generate more gauntlets.
b.      It’s highly-magnetic so that every object directed against it sticks out and gets destroyed.
c.      It absorbs all vibrations in the vicinity as well as all kinetic energy being aimed at it.
d.     It has the ability to destroy the vision of Man-Ape and permanently cast him out of Wakanda.

5. Captain Marvel was set against ________ in the 2016 comic Civil War II.

a.      Spider-Man
b.      Ironman
c.      Captain America
d.     Thor

6. What kind of technology protects Tony's heart from the shrapnel and powers Iron Man?

a.      Fluorescent technology
b.      Kinetic technology
c.      Nuclear technology
d.     Arc reactor technology

7. What’s the name of Tony Stark’s computerized assistance system?

a.      J.A.R.V.I.S
b.      D.A.R.V.I.S
c.      Y.A.R.V.I.S
d.     T.A.R.V.I.S

8. Who is Bruce Banner’s lover?

a.      Betty Ross
b.      Betty Rose
c.      Berly Ross
d.     Billie Rose

9. Banner works in what kind of factory?

a.      Car factory
b.      Sports watch factory
c.      Soda bottling factory
d.     Chocolate factory

10. What significant moment was highlighted when Thor returned to Asgard?

a.      Loki learning who his biological father is
b.      Loki’s death
c.      Thor and Jane bidding farewell to each other
d.     Thor meeting the Avengers for the first time

11. How did Korg end up as a Grandmaster's gladiator?

a.      He attempted to avoid paying tickets by taking a back exit.
b.      He tried to flee Sakaar but failed to fill up his ship with fuel.
c.      He plotted to kill the Grandmaster by throwing pebbles at him.
d.     He started a revolution but failed to print enough pamphlets.

12. The Avengers fight the Chitauri in which American city?

a.      Los Angeles
b.      New York
c.      Miami
d.     New Orleans

13. Scott Lang was placed under house arrest for helping _________.

a.      Captain America
b.      Ironman
c.      Thor
d.     Captain Marvel

14. What type of surgeon is Dr. Strange?

a.      Plastic surgeon
b.      Brain surgeon
c.      Pediatric surgeon
d.     Neurosurgeon

15. Who is the author of the original Spider-Man comics?

a.      Matt Groening
b.      J.K. Rowling
c.      Stan Lee
d.     Scott Adams

16. How did Peter Parker get his supernatural powers?

a.      His powers were generated from a laboratory experiment.
b.      He drank a special potion extracted from the blood of a dying spider.
c.      He got bit by a radioactive spider.
d.     A bolt of lightning struck him.

17. Where was Natasha Romanoff trained as an assassin?

a.      Red Room Academy
b.      S.H.I.E.L.D Academy
c.      Hydra
d.     U.S. Air Force

You can find the answer key at the end of this post. Did you get all the correct answers? If yes, then congratulations! You are now a certified Marvel junkie!

15 Trivia Facts Avid Marvel Fans May Not Know About

  1. Because of the height difference between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth, they had to use ramps in Thor: The Dark World during their kissing scenes.
  2. In order to avoid spoilers, Tom Holland was not allowed to read the entire script for Infinity Wars.
  3. Black Panther wasn't supposed to play a major role in Civil War, and he wasn't even supposed to wear a costume. However, when they realized they may not be able to get Spider-Man to appear in the film, they expanded his role. When they finally got him, they decided to give Black Panther a larger role in the movie.
  4. The Wakandan language used in Captain America: Civil War is Xhosa, a South African official language.
  5. A child from the Make a Wish foundation suggested the line "He's my friend from work!" in Thor: Ragnarok.
  6. Olympic archers assisted Jeremy Renner in his preparation for the role of Hawkeye.
  7. Every Phase 2 Marvel film contains a sequence in which someone's hand or arm is amputated. It began as an unintended Star Wars reference but later evolved into an intentional one.
  8. Milano is the name of the ship in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it is named after Peter Quill's childhood crush, Alyssa Milano.
  9. Wasp was featured in early drafts of Avengers Assemble instead of Black Widow.
  10. For Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista had to spend three to five hours per day in makeup to transition into Drax, but this was cut down to 90 minutes during the sequel.
  11. Chris and his brother Liam Hemsworth both auditioned for the role of Thor.
  12. In Iron Man 2, Wakanda is featured on the map in the background, which is a reference to Black Panther.
  13. Joss Whedon wanted a second antagonist in Avengers Assemble because he didn't think Loki was a large enough villain to go up against so many characters.
  14. Chris Evans rejected the role of Captain America twice before accepting it, since he wasn't initially comfortable committing to such a high level of dedication and fame.
  15. Mark Ruffalo was considered for the role of Hulk in The Incredible Hulk before the Avengers.

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Answer Key

#1 - c. Dr. Abraham Erskine
#2 - b. A U.S. military experiment
#3 - b. Kimoyo beads
#4 - c. It absorbs all vibrations in the vicinity as well as all kinetic energy being aimed at it.
#5 - b. Ironman
#6 - d. Arc reactor technology
#7 - a. J.A.R.V.I.S
#8 - a. Betty Ross
#9 - c. Soda bottling factory
#10 - b. Loki’s death
#11 - d. He started a revolution but failed to print enough pamphlets.
#12 - b. New York
#13 - a. Captain America
#14 - d. Neurosurgeon
#15 - c. Stan Lee
#16 - c. He got bit by a radioactive spider.
#17 - a. Red Room

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