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Interesting Mind-Twisting Orthodontic Myths

Orthodontic treatments improve the teeth of 4 million people a year. Chances are that you may be trying to decide if braces are right for you or your family. While it’s always best to be aware of the pros and cons of any matter, some areas seem to end up with more than their fair share of false claims and myths attached to them. One of these subjects is orthodontics, onto which the myths have attached far and wide. Some myths are hilarious, but others can be frightening – which sadly may needlessly scare people away. Let’s explore some of the more popular myths associated with orthodontics and see if we can separate fact from fiction!

Myth #1

Orthodontic treatment is only done for cosmetic purposes.
Although there is a cosmetic component involved when straightening and properly aligning the teeth, there are numerous other health benefits to it, too. Repairing a problematic bite (i.e. underbites, overbites, teeth crowding, or other issues in the mouth), allowing for improved chewing and helping someone overcome an unnecessary speech impediment are all great reasons to look into orthodontics.

Myth #2

Orthodontics have to be painful if they’re going to work.
Patients adjusting to new braces are comparable to a shoe shopper growing accustomed to a new pair of shoes. Since improvements have occurred in the field of orthodontics, it is no longer necessary for the process to be painful. Today’s braces are highly effective, requiring remarkably less discomfort to work.

Myth #3

Without proper daily upkeep, braces can rust.
This is among the greatest fibs we’ve encountered in orthodontics! Of course, you can rest assured this is not true. As long as you’re being treated by a certified orthodontist, your braces will be made of non-corrosive materials. So, there’s no way they will rust under normal conditions, and especially not during your treatment.

Myth #4

Orthodontics means you’re going to have metal in your mouth for years.
While traditional braces are still an option, orthodontists offer a menu of additional choices, and the time frames are typically shorter than older treatment plans once suggested. Jungle Roots offers a self-ligating bracket system with their metal braces, for example, which increase comfort due to their low profile brackets. They also allow for fewer appointments for adjustments and shorter treatment times overall because of the more efficient movement of the teeth. Be sure to ask about clear braces and invisible aligners at your complimentary consultation, too. We offer both options.

Myth #5

If I get braces and kiss someone else who also has braces, our braces can get locked together.
Now that would be a doozie! However, we’ve examined the brackets and wires we currently use and found that it would be virtually impossible to get them to lock together during a kiss. You’d really need to be trying hard to make that happen! Sounds like a great story for a movie or sitcom though.

Myth #6

All orthodontists are essentially the same and interchangeable.
Today’s orthodontists are each uniquely qualified to treat their patients, and many work in specialized areas in which others do not. Some use different types of equipment, as well as a variety of materials, and they often adhere to a wide assortment of treatment planning approaches and methodologies. For these reasons, it’s best to select one orthodontist you like and stay with them for the entirety of your treatment.

Myth #7

If I need to board an airplane or enter a government building, my braces might set off a metal detector.
Of course, this will not happen. The types of lightweight metal used in orthodontic braces are not the same kind sought for detection by metal detectors. So go ahead and book that flight or tour of the Capitol building. You shouldn’t set off alarms unless maybe you’re wearing a particularly large belt buckle or keychain!

Myth #8

Orthodontic care is too expensive.
One way that Jungle Roots stands out in orthodontics is our offering of a complimentary consultation for each patient. This consultation, alongside the option for early treatment, puts Jungle Roots significantly ahead of the game. Since children as young as 7 are encouraged to come in for a complimentary consultation, patients may find we’re able to treat harmful habits and minimize problematic growth in order to actually prevent larger problems from developing -- and also save their parents a substantial bill or two along the way. Additionally, if you have insurance, let us know and we will provide a complimentary benefits check before you arrive for your screening. We will work with any insurance company that will assign benefits to Jungle Roots as your provider and we also offer payment plans and accept Care Credit. During the consultation, we go over all treatment options to design a plan that works with your budget. So, please don’t avoid treatment just because you think you can’t afford it. Jungle Roots staff can help you determine which payment form and method work best for you.

Myth #9

My family dentist or a mail-order company can do my orthodontics for much cheaper.
While dentists sometimes do have a limited amount of orthodontic training, orthodontists have 2-3 years of specialized training beyond dental school. They spend the majority of that time studying the proper alignment of teeth, as well as their form, function, and how they move. In addition, the expertise a certified orthodontist brings to the table far exceeds the qualifications that a mail-order company offers, especially considering the risks involved with potential damage to the teeth and mouth. A patient’s best bet, if orthodontic needs have been identified, is to meet with an orthodontist for a free consultation to discuss all the treatment options.

Myth #10

Wearing braces increases my chances of getting struck by lightning.
This is not true, either. According to National Geographic, your odds of being struck by lightning in the United States during any given year is 1 in 700,000. In your lifetime? 1 in 3,000. Having or not having braces does not change those odds at all -- they simply do not contain enough metal to do so.

Myth #11

Only the most complicated dental issues require an orthodontist.
A certified orthodontist understands both simple and complicated cases and can use their specialized skills to determine the best course of action in either one. A skilled orthodontist can assess and diagnose issues with tooth alignment while considering the co-occurring issues of development within the jaw, face, and other teeth. A custom-tailored approach from an experienced orthodontist is preferable whether the treatment necessary is simple or complex, in order to keep it from becoming unnecessarily more complicated.

Myth #12

If I get braces, they will interfere with my WiFi and radio signals.
No, you will not become a human antenna! Your braces do not consist of the same materials as an antenna, so you won’t disrupt any radio signals, WiFi, or any other signals emitted from your devices.

Myth #13

When your braces are removed, your teeth are perfectly set for life.
Teeth are known for shifting over time, and this occurs whether you’ve ever had any type of orthodontic treatment or not. If you’ve had braces and they’ve been removed, you’ll still need to set an occasional appointment with your orthodontist to follow up, and you will need to wear a retainer at night to keep teeth set accurately over time.

Myth #14

I’m too old to see an orthodontist.
Age does not determine whether you should see an orthodontist. In any given year, in the United States alone, around 1 million adults wear braces. Jungle Roots offers a range of services for adults, including treating such problems as misalignment brought on by not wearing their retainer as directed, correcting sleep apnea or tooth grinding caused by orthodontic problems, or more comprehensive treatment. As long as your gums and teeth are generally healthy, Jungle Roots can work with you to keep them healthy and free of cracked enamel, jaw issues, crooked teeth, and much more.

Myth #15

If I get orthodontic treatment, I’ll have to give up eating anything I like.
While there are some rules you should observe simply in order to prevent breaking off a bracket or getting seeds stuck under your wires, you can generally eat whatever you want. You’ll just need to stay away from certain things like hard candies, crunchy carrots, caramel apples, popcorn, and staining beverages like red wine and coffee for best results.

We hope this information made you feel more comfortable with the idea of getting braces. We would love to schedule your complimentary consultation and answer any questions you have. Please give us a call or book your appointment here.

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