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Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry Philosophy and Practices

Welcome to the Jungle!!! At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry, we strive to provide the highest comprehensive children’s dental care in a unique, fun-filled environment staffed by a team of caring, energetic professionals. Every aspect of our practice is designed to fulfill this mission statement, so you and your family will enter our offices knowing that every member of our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best possible dental experience.

Environment plays a part in your feeling of comfort and safety. Knowing this, Dr. Culp created a jungle-themed office to provide a unique, fun-filled and engaging environment for children. The jungle theme is not a facade but rather a genuine effort to create a space for children that is fun, exciting and entertaining while also calming and soothing. We believe that if your child’s visit to the dentist is positive and “fun-filled” they will want to return for their periodic visits. Over twenty years with this outlook and belief have proven the benefits of this philosophy because our patients are excited to visit the dentist and think of our office as their “dental home”.

Every person on our team attempts to provide each child and their parents with the best pediatric dental care and customer service every day. In addition to Dr. Culp’s extensive education, training and experience he is a husband and father of three sons. Therefore, he is attentive, kind, gentle and sensitive, and he expects the same from his team as each individual plays a role in your child’s dental experience. He has sought out staff that are caring, energetic, professionals who mirror his many wonderful traits and qualities and work in a collaborative and communal way to achieve the goal of 5-Star Customer Service.

Our commitment to providing the highest comprehensive children’s dental care means that we take our time, and every aspect of dental care provided to your child on their visit will be complete and thorough. Dr. Culp practices dentistry in a conservative way, focusing on education and prevention rather than treatment, and he is dedicated to educating his patients and their parents in all aspects of dental development, care and treatment. Never in a hurry to finish the appointment, Dr. Culp takes as much time as is necessary to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Being proactive with preventive care and maintaining watch on early signs of decay while instructing parents on nutritional, brushing and flossing habits helps to avoid restorative treatment. When treatment is needed, through Dr. Culp’s pediatric training, we can offer safe and effective techniques that are specifically designed to alleviate fear and discomfort during procedures. Sedation may be necessary in treatment and we are very fortunate to have nationally and internationally recognized unconscious sedation specialist, Dr. Jason Brady, perform this very important role in our office. Although dental procedures can be frightening, we recognize your child’s need to feel safe and be comfortable. Knowing that you can trust a highly trained and qualified team to perform your child’s dental procedures adds comfort and helps minimize risks which can lessen your child’s anxiety. Our goal is to make your child’s dental treatment a positive experience to encourage trust and cooperation.

Every child is special, and Dr. Culp and the team at Jungle Roots understand that each child has different needs. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Culp has over twenty years of experience in handling a wide variety of children’s needs, not limited to but including physical handicaps, autism spectrum disorders, sensory and speech related delays and disorders, and other impairments. If you make our office aware of any health conditions your child has, our team will prepare accordingly to give your child the best possible dental experience in our office.

At Jungle Roots we are excited to use the best proven technical solutions. From our paperless office to digital x-rays, Dr. Culp is careful to choose technological advances that truly benefit the patient and create a fully integrated solution to patient care between our Ahwatukee and Gilbert offices. Our goal is to make the financial, insurance, and scheduling processes as easy as possible! We encourage an open dialogue with our team, so we can work with you on financial, insurance, and scheduling matters for your family.

One of the most frequent questions we get in the office is “Does Dr. Culp take my child’s insurance?” The answer is that Dr. Culp accepts any PPO insurance plan from any company. In our attempt to make insurance processes easy for you, we have also expanded our in-network providers and are contracted with Delta Dental of AZ PPO/Premier, Aetna PPO, Careington PPO, Cigna PPO, Humana PPO, Maverest PPO, and Principal PPO. For more information you can read our blog about insurance, then if you still have questions feel free to call our office at (480) 759-1119 and ask to speak to Catherine. She is our dedicated insurance specialist and is more than happy to answer all of your dental insurance questions and concerns.

We are always seeking ways to improve our service to our patients and welcome your constructive feedback. Sending a message through our website is a great way to provide us with your comments. You can also pay us the highest compliment by submitting a review of Jungle Roots on Yelp or Google.

We are a dedicated team of pediatric dental professionals doing our utmost to make every child’s visit to the dentist exceptional in every way. From fun-filled jungle themed offices, to caring and professional team members and safe, effective treatments, we strive to make your child’s visits the greatest experience possible. Our goal is that your child will be excited to visit Jungle Roots and think of our office as their dental home.

At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we strive to provide the highest comprehensive pediatric and orthodontic dental care in a unique, fun-filled environment staffed by a team of caring, energetic professionals. We believe the establishment of a “dental home” at an early age is the key to a lifetime of positive visits to the dentist.

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