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Time For Some Fun In The Sun - With Cool Summer Crafts!

It’s finally summer, every kid’s favorite season! Sleeping in, playing at the park, grilling out and having picnics, running through the sprinkler, lounging in a pool… what could be better than summer? But now that it’s nearly half over, chances are your kiddos have started to occasionally utter those dreaded words, “I’m bored.”

The novelty of summer has worn off, and there are still several weeks to go. So, what’s the solution? We’ve gone deep into the corners of the internet to find the sites with the most fun summer crafts and activities for kids -- and we came back with some gems!

Come take a look at our cool crafty activities for summer 2020:

Super easy sponge boats from the Craft Train

You can make these in a jiffy with your littles. You’ll just need a few basics like some duct tape, thick scrubber sponges, popsicle sticks (aka craft sticks), scissors, etc., and you’re off to the bathtub sponge boat races! Check out the how-to in the link above with pictures for encouragement.


Make a rainbow with the garden hose from Kids Science Experiments

Fun and simple, you can make these anytime you’ve got a sunny day and free time in the backyard. Just find the sun and the right angle, follow the directions on the site and make your mist to reveal gorgeous, fully colored rainbows. Talk about how they’re formed and the names of each color. (Do you know a man named Roy G. Biv?) If you need more guidance, watch this little guy make his rainbows for you.


Painted Rock Babies from Handmade Charlotte

Find some smooth, nicely-shaped rocks, then grab your favorite paint colors, a few strips of felt, and some stick-on eyes for a nursery full of painted rock cuties! The craft creators recommend this kind of paint, but if you prefer a handy set of paint pens (they’re easier to control), this should do the trick, too. If you’ve got older or more advanced painters who’d like to get a bit fancier with it, try these techniques out to create amazing works of art!

Scented bubbles from Handmade Charlotte

Take your bubble-blowing up a notch with this fun twist on everyday homemade bubbles. This one has a handy pictorial how-to as well, showing each step and all the materials you’ll need. If you’re already into essential oils a bit, you may have some of the scents around ahead of time. Otherwise, no worries -- a trip to a local department store should be sufficient.


DIY Sidewalk chalk paint from Happiness is Homemade

So... make-it-yourself chalk paint. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Welp, get ready to be amazed. All you need are 3 ingredients: water, corn starch, and food coloring! The creator shows you each step in the how-to and pics of how it looks afterward. You may want to try a “test portion” of this on your sidewalk before the kids start freely painting the driveway, sidewalk, or wherever it’s safe for them to paint. We haven’t heard of it causing permanent stains, but you may want to make sure ahead of time. You can also use it on black or very dark paper in a pinch.


Unicorn slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

Just 4 ingredients and 6 steps are involved in this fun activity, and unicorn slime is really about the coolest kind of the slime you can make. Start with Elmer’s glitter glue, add the rest of your ingredients, and finish up by kneading to your desired consistency. Make it stretchier or stiffer by adding tablespoons of water after you’ve mixed the first ingredients. Too sticky? Rub a little baby oil on your hands and knead some more.


Light up fireflies from Apartment Therapy

These are super adorbs, requiring just a little adult supervision and a lot of creativity! Make your fireflies with a simple LED light inside an empty plastic Easter egg, then add a face, wings, antennae, etc. as you wish! Set them out to “watch” as you catch your own real fireflies in the evening -- a classic children’s pastime which should never be missed! (We do have about 2 dozen species throughout Arizona! Just make sure you’re gentle with your fireflies and release them when you’re done enjoying their lights.) If you would like to integrate an educational element, here’s a fun kid’s video explaining why the firefly glows.


Tin can lanterns with constellations from HGTV Design/Inventors of Tomorrow

This can be a fun way to observe and learn about the constellations in the night sky! You’ll need a steady hand for this craft, so this activity is optimal for older kiddos. Grab a few coffee cans you’ve kept around or raid the recycling for soup cans, etc. for a variety of sizes. Poke your holes through carefully to create the constellations or other starry shapes in the sides of your tin can lanterns -- then attach handles as shown or simply set out in one place to enjoy the lovely glow.

Jellyfish suncatchers from IHeartArtsNCrafts

These are a really pretty take-home craft if you have a group over for a birthday party (they’re great one-on-one with kiddos too!) Just 4 materials needed plus your scissors (you’ll cut the outlines for littles who can’t use them well yet - they can place the tissue paper on though), and you’ll be surprised at the finished product.


Ocean in a bottle from Happy Hooligans

This one is great for the littlest ones and those with sensory issues. You’ll actually find it relaxing to watch and visually stimulating for everyone as the colors move in such a beautiful way. Based on a basic preschool experiment, this exercise involves vegetable oil, light blue food coloring, and a large cleaned out 2-liter or mouthwash bottle. Put it all together and shake the bottle. Simple! If you want to make it educational, discuss this lesson about oil and water not mixing. This activity is great for a group of kids. Want to send one home with each kiddo? Have each child bring an empty mouthwash bottle in with them for the craft.

Celery stamping rainbow fish craft from Crafty Morning

This is great for any littles who love the rainbow fish stories! Draw a simple image of the rainbow fish or print off the creator’s template. Then grab some cut-up celery, several colors of paint (preferably the 7 colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark blue), violet), and one stick-on googly eye per fish (or you could, of course, just draw one on with a marker).

We hope you and your kiddos will enjoy these summer crafts and save some (or take a picture) to show us during your next visit to the office! Remember to stay safe, keep your teeth healthy and strong, and have a lot of fun for the rest of the summer. Happy crafting!

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