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When Should Your Child Visit A Pediatric Dentist?

If you are a parent, you know that children can be very different from adults. They also can act very differently than an adult when visiting the dentist. Some have boundless curiosity, others are bundles of energy that wiggle and move and can barely sit through a short exam, some are terrified and may cry or scream or even be physically aggressive, and a few sit calmly through the exam. No matter what type of child you have, a pediatric dentist can examine and treat your child while making them comfortable.

How is a pediatric dentist different from one who sees adults?

A pediatric dentist is specifically qualified to treat children from infancy through the teen years. They have completed the four years of dental school and at least an additional two years of residency learning how to treat children. Pediatric dentists are experts in child dentistry and use their training to help children feel comfortable while at their appointment.

Pediatric dentists enjoy working with children and want their patients to feel safe and comfortable. Their offices are specifically designed with this goal in mind. At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry, we are proud to turn your child’s dental visit into a jungle-themed adventure that is fun-filled. We aim to turn every visit to our office into a fun educational safari for all.

Dr. John Culp is a board-certified specialist in children’s dentistry. He is an expert in alleviating patient anxiety and specializes in calming techniques that help ensure that patients remain relaxed during their visit. As a parent of three sons, Dr. Culp understands and has great compassion for children. Through Dr. Culp’s Pediatric training, we can offer safe and effective techniques that are specifically designed to alleviate fear and discomfort during procedures. Our goal is to make your child’s dental treatment a positive experience to encourage trust and cooperation.

If a child has a dental emergency, most family practice dentists will refer them to a pediatric dentist. This is not the time to introduce a child to a new place and new people! When your child is scared and in pain it is much easier if they are used to seeing the dentist treating them and are in a place they enjoy and are comfortable with.

When to visit a pediatric dentist.
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a pediatric dentist shortly after their first birthday, up to eighteen months of age. This first visit consists of a brief assessment of the child’s teeth but the main purpose to educate parents on the best ways to keep their kid’s teeth healthy! Most parents do not bring their children to the dentist until after they turn two, but there are benefits to starting before age one. Establishing a “dental home” early can be the key to a lifetime of positive visits to the dentist, and helps minimize emotional trauma when dealing with a dental emergency.
Treatments provided by pediatric dentists.

Pediatric dentists provide all types of dental services for children, from preventative to restorative and emergency services. Dr. Culp’s philosophy is to be proactive with preventive care so as to avoid restorative treatment. He is conservative in his approach to pediatric dentistry, preserving original tooth structure by maintaining watches on early signs of decay and instructing parents on nutritional, brushing and flossing habits to avoid treatment.

Dr. Culp encourages kids to “wiggle out” their own baby teeth, but there are occasional reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted. Dr. Culp and his team perform tooth extractions almost daily, and it is typically a very smooth and easy process! Other reasons to visit your pediatric dentist include teeth grinding, mouth breathing, and toothache or injury. We also fabricate well fitted mouth guards for sports. Children need mouth guards to protect their teeth and gums in many different sports, and the team at Jungle Roots is able to make custom mouth guards with a simple appointment.

Dr. Culp and the team at Jungle Roots believe that every child is special, and every child has different needs. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Culp has over twenty years of experience in handling a wide variety children’s needs, not limited to but including physical handicaps, autism spectrum disorders, sensory and speech related delays and disorders, and other impairments. If you make our office aware of any health conditions your child has, we will prepare our team accordingly to give your child the best possible dental experience in our office.

At Jungle Roots Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we strive to provide the highest comprehensive pediatric and orthodontic dental care in a unique, fun-filled environment staffed by a team of caring, energetic professionals. We believe the establishment of a “dental home” at an early age is the key to a lifetime of positive visits to the dentist.

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